The BoardSwag is a premium traditional surfboard bag with a detatchable inflatable camping swag.


All orders come with the hand pump to get your swag up in under 1 min and get you in the water.


  • On the outside BoardSwag looks like your typical travel cover, on the inside it's so much more. Featuring a top compartment that comfortably holds 3 boards and any other gear you can throw at it, and an additional bottom compartment that unzips to reveal an inflatable swag for you to crawl into at night. 


    Length: 7ft

    Width: 25 Inches

    Weight: 4.5kg (Swag 1.3kg)


    All the bells and whistles you'd expect to find on a premium travel boardbag with extra emphasis put on the use of durable materials and components.


    The swag component has been designed from the ground up and features a dual layer waterproof canopy, dual fly windows, a large doorway and fly screen, multiple anchor points and an inflatable strut structure which is rigid and durable without the need for pegs or tie downs. The swag is also designed to be detachable from the bag so that at any time it can be left set up or packed away while the bag is being used on separate day missions.